Cullen Insulation’s Residential Services

Whether you’re building a new house, making renovations or looking to upgrade your current insulation, Cullen Insulation’s highly trained and experienced team can help. We are the area’s experts when it comes to both new construction and retrofit projects. Insulation is a cost-effective way to cut down on the amount of energy used to maintain consistent indoor temperatures. It also helps to control the noise levels in a room. Through insulation, you can have an overall more comfortable space no matter the season, and you can lower your heating and cooling costs.

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How Insulation Works

Heat flows from higher temperature areas to lower temperature areas, creating temperature fluctuation within a space. Insulation wraps your home in a protective blanket, reducing heat flow in order to keep the heat out during warmer months and the heat in during cooler months. Insulation is an excellent noise absorber and helps to reduce sound transmission from both outside and within a home, creating a quieter space with less reverberation. Insulation also allows other energy-efficient components (such as air sealing) to do their job, forming a comprehensive insulating system that helps maintain consistent temperatures and moisture levels, reduce energy usage and increase monthly heating and cooling savings.

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